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Var, let and const In JavaScript. What Is The Difference?

April 28, 2020

During a long time, "var" keyword was a king in JavaScript world. You didn't yet have to bother about how to declare a variable, but how to choose the perfect name for it. But using "var" keyword sometimes leads to unexpected issues especially if you are not familiar with all pitfalls...Read more


Getting Started With JavaScript

April 26, 2020

Javascript is a dynamically-typed, interpreted programming language that was originally developed to add dynamic and interactive elements to web pages. It runs both, on the client and server-side...Read more


A Few Words About Author

April 20, 2020

Hello, my name is Volodymyr Hudyma, I am a software developerfor more than 6 years.I was born and lived in Ukraine until I turned 17 and had a big decision ahead of me. Do you remember the time, when you just finished...Read more

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