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Intrinsic String Manipulation Types In TypeScript

May 04, 2021

In TypeScript 4.1, apart from a bunch of cool additions, there are four new types that help us better handle various string manipulations. The most common manipulations are: converting the string to uppercase or lowercase, capitalizing and...Read more


A Basic Introduction To Proxy Object In JavaScript

April 28, 2021

Accessing object properties is a very common operation in JavaScript. In some cases, it is extremely useful to perform an action just after the property is accessed, but before the result is returned, so that the result can be modified on the fly. One of the possible solutions is to create...Read more


Show Alert On Page Reload And Browser Back Button Click

April 19, 2021

When website users are asked to provide a lot of input, it is important to make sure that the data is not lost if something unexpected happens. One way to ensure this is to store the data somewhere (e.g. in the local storage), so that when the user leaves the page...Read more


Implement Stack In JavaScript

April 15, 2021

Stack is a linear data structure of a LIFO (Last In - First Out) or FILO (First In - Last Out) type, which means that the last element added to the stack is also the first to be taken out. Think of a stack as a constrained array - you can only...Read more


Implement Queue In JavaScript

April 12, 2021

In JavaScript, there are many data structures designed to solve common problems. Knowing them is a must for a good developer to be able to manipulate the data efficiently. Today we will learn about one of the most basic and popular data structures...Read more


Exclamation Mark In TypeScript

April 04, 2021

If you are using TypeScript, you might have noticed an Exclamation Mark (!) operator that does some kind of magic and makes your compiler ignore possible errors. Let's learn what the purpose of this operator is and how it can be a useful addition to...Read more


Abstract vs. Strict Comparison In JavaScript

March 18, 2021

One of the essential things to understand when getting started with JavaScript is how to check if two values are equal. JavaScript provides three ways to do this: Abstract Equality Operator (==), Strict Equality Operator (===), and...Read more


A Simple Guide To Closures In JavaScript

March 15, 2021

The concept of Closures is not an easy thing to wrap your head around. Many experienced developers still have trouble understanding it, let alone explaining it to a colleague or in an interview for a new job. Today we will learn it with..Read more


A Simple Guide To Currying In JavaScript

March 08, 2021

Currying is the technique of converting functions that take multiple arguments into a sequence of functions that each take a single argument. A curried function acts as Higher-Order Function, which allows functions to be created with some predefined data...Read more

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