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Open Mobile Application From The Browser

January 30, 2021

Launching the mobile application of the specific page from the browser is called Mobile App Deep Linking. It is very useful if you have both web and mobile applications and want to easily navigate between them. You can launch an email campaign that contains a link that users can click to...Read more


Lazy Loading In React With React.Lazy And Suspense

January 27, 2021

The complexity of existing web applications grows every year in geometric progression. The more JavaScript code we write, the more time it takes our browser to download and execute it. While this may not be a critical problem in the era of super-fast Internet, we cannot assume that all...Read more


Global State Management Using React Hooks

January 23, 2021

When thinking about the best way to manage state in React, the first thing that comes to mind is Redux, and there is nothing wrong with that if you accept a lot of boilerplate code and a fairly complex library configuration. It may be completely unnecessary if your project is...Read more


The useReducer Hook In React

January 20, 2021

One of the keys to getting good at React is mastering its most difficult part - state management. State is used for everything, from storing user input to reading and displaying data from external systems. There are many tools available that are designed to simplify state management in React, however...Read more


Portals In React

January 08, 2021

When building an application in React, it is sometimes necessary to place an element outside the DOM hierarchy created by the parent component. The simplest example are modals and tooltips...Read more


Return Multiple Elements From Render In React

January 06, 2021

Since v16.0, React allows us to return multiple elements from the render function by wrapping them in an array. In previous versions, it was necessary to wrap multiple elements into a single parent, which resulted in...Read more


Add Redux Saga With TypeScript To Your React Application (January 2021)

January 04, 2021

Redux Saga is a library that aims to make an application's side effects easier to manage, more efficient to run, easy to test, and better at handling failures. Today we will learn how to install and configure Redux Saga with TypeScript in an application built with Create React App in a few...Read more


The useCallback Hook In React

January 02, 2021

In my blog, I already talked about some ways to optimize the performance of the application like the useMemo hook or the React.memo higher-order component (HOC). Today we will learn about the useCallback, which allows us to memoize functions and preserve them...Read more


Fragments In React

December 29, 2020

In React, returning multiple elements from a single component is a common scenario. For this to work properly, all of these elements should be wrapped in a parent element (we do not consider returning arrays from render...Read more

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